What happens when the Head and the Heart find their sweet spot

The Head: The Rational. The calculated risk-taker. The responsible thinker who sees logic and values reasoning. Nothing can go wrong in their world because everything has been thought out umpteen times.

The Heart: The Dreamer. The spontaneous rebel. The creative, emotional feeler who sees possibility and values imagination. They go where their wild and carefree imagination leads them, with not a care about the process needed to get there.

So how do these two notoriously different ends of the spectrum find a way to work together? Why would the rational, calculating Head take into account the free, spontaneous Heart’s wishes and desires? Will they ever be able to work together? HOW would they ever converge into a meeting of the minds? Is it even possible?

Is there a sweet spot?

I am here to tell you, that yes there is.

Meet Danielle LaPorte. She wrote a book called the Desire Map which sparked a revolution of people digging deep to get in touch with their hearts and uncovering what makes them feel good. What makes them feel in tune with their true selves.

In other words.. the Heart.


I recently got licensed as an official Desire Map facilitator and I am getting ready to host workshops that will finally bring together the passion and the practical.. the HEAD and the HEART.

In these workshops we will be finding the sweet spot where we can work with clarity and ease, being true to both the Head AND the Heart!

My first workshop is going to be held in Calgary, Alberta Canada in April. Interested? Sign up here.

I will also be hosting VIRTUAL workshops from April through to May. Interested? Email me so I can put you on the list.

Out of curiosity, what was the conversation like in your house (growing up) around emotions and feelings? Leave your comments below.

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