DAY 2: ‘7 to Unstoppable’

Day 2: The Mental

Welcome to Day 2 of the ‘7 to Unstoppable’ challenge! (Did you complete Day 1? How was it? Leave a comment below and let me know).

Yesterday you told your mind to focus so you could finish your physical feat. Today, we will be getting inside our own heads to master our emotions.

Today’s challenge:

Think of one of the wildest goals/visions you have had that you never pursued because you thought it wouldn’t work. The key here is to think of a big/crazy goal that you have had that you talked yourself out of in the past, because it was so crazy that you got discouraged (i.e. “that will never happen” / “I could never do that”). For example, it could be to start a crazy importing business, or compete in a fitness competition, or to publish a book.

As part of today’s challenge, think about this specific goal in depth.

Then take a pen+paper and make two columns. One the left column, write down all the reasons you told yourself why it will not work. One by one, make a list on the left column. Write down the details. For example, “that will never happen because I have no idea how to even start a business. I have never done it.” These are your FEARS you are writing down.

Once you are done, take a step back. We are now going to shift your thinking. Imagine that you are your own personal cheerleader or coach. This cheerleader and coach wants you to win. They are there to encourage you, show you why it IS possible, and they believe in you 100%. So step outside your own head and into the head of your cheerleader or coach. They want to see you succeed. They want you to win – to overcome your fears and make your goals happen. Take at least a few minutes to stay there mentally, and really step into the headspace of someone who really BELIEVES you can WIN and wants you to.

Now, go back to your list. Remember, you are still in that head space. So go to the right column, and beside each FEAR, write down your rebuttal. Beside each “I don’t think this will work because of X logistic”, write down why it WILL work, because you will do Y. One by one, work through your list, still being in personal cheerleader or coach mode. They have a insightful rebuttal / smart solution for everything.

Once you are done, sit back and go through the list again. Watch how your fears have vanished, or been turned into an obstacle that can easily be tackled with the right attitude. All you needed was someone to believe in you and show you HOW and WHY you can do it.

YOU are that ‘someone’ for yourself. Once you start to fully develop an inner voice that can act as your personal coach or cheerleader, you can always count on it to eradicate your fears. You will look intrinsically for strength or support instead of outwards. Extrinsic support in friends, family – no matter how reliable – is not always fully under your control. But your inner voice is there for you WHENEVER you call upon it.

Today’s challenge is the first one of a few where we will be strengthening your inner voice to call upon in times of fear and discouragement.

Done with this challenge? How do you feel? Any insights? Comment below.

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